data'ismA new word turned up in my weekly read of random pages. David Brooks wrote in the NY Times about “The Philosophy of Data“. Instead of the buzz word “Big Data” he used “Data’ism”.

“We now have the ability to gather huge amounts of data. This ability seems to carry with it certain cultural assumptions — that everything that can be measured should be measured; that data is a transparent and reliable lens that allows us to filter out emotionalism and ideology; that data will help us do remarkable things — like foretell the future.” Continue reading

Balancing Needs

as a leader I always have to consider a number of different aspects before or when making a decision. Even planning falls into that category. I like to call this

Balancing Needs

simply because it’s like the person crossing the chasm on a rope. There is the environment: the wind is blowing, it’s drizzling, and the temperature sits at comfortable 17 degree Celsius. The objective is to get across the 15 meter gap within 30 minutes and to entertain the audience! The risk is falling into the water and being laughed at. Probably missing the cut for the next engagement. There are also 3 other artists who have a similar show to present.

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With Intention!

I’ve seen people busy themselves with reports, spreadsheets, documentation, and meetings. I’ve heard it a thousands times “Gosh, I don’t know how you do it, I don’t even know where to start so much work is in front of me.”


This sounds to me like the rabbit in front of the snake, unable to move a muscle and petrified. The rabbit is quite capable of outsmarting the snake. But some instinct doesn’t allow it to do this. It’s like the person who is hording seemingly important tasks and not getting any done. In that case it’s not instinct but habit. Nonetheless, it takes an outside nudge to jump out of it.

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Expectations raise Emotions, don’t they!

I have this gut feeling writing about Expectations is a must do this week. It lingers for a while and I wasn’t yet quite sure what  and how to get it into words. Let’s try.

“Don’t lower your expectations to meet your performance. Raise your level of performance to meet your expectations. Expect the best of yourself, and then do what is necessary to make it a reality.”

Let me use this quote from Ralph Marston to illustrate an important point. The expectation to meet a certain criteria can come either from your boss, your colleagues, or yourself. By doing this you are faced with a test. The test has actually two facets, firstly will you meet the criteria and live up to the expectations. It is a question of knowledge, skill, and aptitude. Have you learned what is necessary and are you able to apply it in the given situation. This is a simple and straight forward task and you can answer it for yourself. Continue reading