It is a question of will, Mr. Wells!

novel by Felix J PalmaComing from anybody else’s mouth these words might have struck Mr Wells as trite, but uttered by the man in front of him they became the irrefutable truth. This creature was living proof that man’s will could move mountains and part seas. In that hospital wing, that refuge from the world, the distance between the attainable and unattainable was more than ever a question of will.

What might he be capable of – he who is only prevented from doing whatever he want by his own lack of self-belief?

Felix J. Palma, The Map of Time

I’m reading that book at present and last night I came across that passage. It reminded me very strongly on our capabilities as individuals and on our limitations. How often did I think, “I can’t do that.” It’s too difficult, I don’t know anything about it, I don’t have the tools, or even I don’t have the time, are the most common excuses I have used myself. Continue reading