Straight Up Air Fares

Air NewZealand shows their sense of humour on April Fools day 🙂

Hi Frank ,

Grabaseat is proud to introduce STRAIGHT UP FARES, the next step in the evolution of affordable domestic air travel on sale to anyone who can ‘stand it’.

We’ve installed hand holds on the cabin ceilings of selected domestic flights, to allow even more passengers onto our planes. We can now house up to 69 extra people standing in the aisle for the duration of the flight, massively increasing our capacity and drastically lowering ticket prices.

Straight Up fares are just one more example of your favourite cheap flights website thinking outside the square. If people are willing to stand for hours in queues, at footy matches or in pubs, we thought, then surely they won’t mind standing up for an hour or so on a plane to save themselves some cash.

If you’re as excited about all this as we are, then hurry up and book your little piece of carpet before someone else does!

Find out more about Straight Up Fares and book here.

The grabaseat team

Don’t know how long they keep it up, had to share it 🙂 Ha ha Ha