Doing Strategy is hard!

I work in ICT for more than 20 years. It’s an ever changing and always evolving field. And I ask myself, are we different than other business areas? Initially I would say yes. The pace of ICT is unmatched. Then, I turn around and remember the day I started at my current company. An elderly lady was sitting on the factory floor and used a hand driven machine making coils. Admittedly that is more then 12 years back. Although, when I walk into production these days SMD (surface mount devices) machines put tiny electronic parts onto printed circuit boards at a phenomenal speed and accuracy. The change these guys have experienced is no less to ICT.

What has this to do with strategy? Winding back say 3 to 5 years how would we have prepared ourselves for the today’s future? What were our plans then? Did our vision then match what we have implemented today? We got here, we know that. Did we arrive in planned manner or incidental? Does it matter?

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