Butterflies in my tummy

ButterfliesI’m looking for a new challenge. My dear wife Susani took it literally and asked me if I’m up for a game. I wasn’t sure where she was going with this but agreed.

Which ways can you go?

was her first question. She put my answers each on a sheet of paper. These were for me:

  • “start own business”,
  • “take a similar job with another organisation”, and
  • “go contracting”

She put the paper on the floor and made me stand on one of my choosing.

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Doing just enough …

Good EnoughI just read a blog post by Seth D. Cohen “The cost of doing just enough“.

When I saw the title I mental picture in mind of a certain person. I struggle to get that person stepping up. And here comes a promise that may help.


I really am disappointed by that post it states the obvious and doesn’t address how to create the change of mind. A few days earlier John Stepper wrote about “the Influencer’s checklist“. Now that was much more practical. Thanks John.

Doing just enough is an attitude statement. It tells a story. It says something about not being engaged, not being in tune with the organisation, the team, the project, or the task. As a leader I have an obligation to understand “why”. This is my team and my project. Success doesn’t come by sitting on my hands. High performance teams don’t emerge if I don’t plant the seed, nurture it and get the environment right.

Doing just enough is a statement that something is wrong. It could be a personal thing, it could be a cultural things, it could be a change that doesn’t sit well, and it could be a change in the person itself. People grow and change. A job that is perfectly fine today may not be tomorrow. I, as a leader, need to understand. That’s the only way to decide what to do about.

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Gartner ITxpo Gold Coast

nexus of forcesDuring the past 4 days I attended the annual biggest Gartner conference ITxpo.

I haven’t been here for a number of years and was really looking forward to it. My program was not aligned to any of the pre-defined streams and had a good selection of mobile, big data, business intelligence, cloud and enterprise architecture with a sprinkle of leadership and management aspects.

Gartner always has multiple sessions in parallel and I find it difficult to choose at times. Nonetheless I was happy with my schedule that looked ram-packed with exciting stuff.

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Since mid August I just made a single post. Not good enough.

So I apologies for this.

My reader levels dropped by 65% in the past 3 weeks. The impact of my laziness – and yes that what is was – was delayed and inevitable.
Now there is a lesson in this and one that can be applied all over again.

Actions and In-actions

My lack of action that is not to post and share what I’ve learned, heard or found valuable has a profound impact. I don’t mean me loosing readers or followers, no, I mean that someone out there might not have made a mistake or avoidable decision with me sharing just that information. I say might as I will never know. The fact remains that the possibility exists.

I learned many years when I was trained as an officer that a non-decision is worse than a wrong decision. A non-decision keeps everybody on a level of uncertainty – are we going left or right? Effectively it stops people changing, moving on, or doing the right things. People will continue to doing things the right way although it is very questionable the actions are focused on what is best. A wrong decision – eg. let’s go left! – leads to action with purpose. It is essential for the leader to recognise quickly and acknowledge openly when he made a wrong decision and correct his mistake.

In my case here, the indecision what to post on my blog caused people to rethink the value this blog is delivering going forward.


One part of me not taking the time to write and share is due to laziness. I openly admit it. Yes, I can claim my mind being on other things (eg. lots of changes at work and discussions about the future). Although there was always an hour or 2 to compile a blogpost.

Now I’m thinking if laziness an in-action are related. For example there is a saying “can’t see the forest for all the trees”. What I mean is if you have so many things you could do or say or make you might miss what you are all about and why you do things. Stepping out – literally – into the open and view all of it from a distance you should be able to see the shining light which touches your heart, lightens your spirit, and inspires your imagination.


My apologies again for not posting for a while.

My promise of a lesson learned – again.

My hope this post finds you well and you can make the most of it.


Do choices add value?

Every day we as leaders or managers have a multitude of decisions to make. Some we mull over, some need more information, some require consultation with others, and some we make on the spot. How do we make those decisions? What drives us to think about it or to take the dive and go for it?

I have a mostly logical way of deciding how to tackle each specific decision process. Although, sometimes I trust my gut feeling.

For this post I want to look at decisions that have multiple options, not simply yes / no decisions. For example, how do you evaluate which market segments you will strategically target in the next 3 years. The options could be Continue reading