Business growth = Fire your Managers!

Essence of SuccessThe idea stems from an article on Linkedin, written by Ilya Pozin. Essentially he says,

eliminating established hierarchy (that is multiple levels of top-down management) frees people from working for their boss to working for the company goals.

Ilya goes on and describes a set very practical approaches and steps. His achievement is a company

  • people loved working for
  • enjoyed reduced costs
  • increased customer satisfaction and
  • improved quality of work

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Devotion is a powerful word

unconditional love(1)

My company changed quite a bit since I started there 13 years ago. It was a family driven company and the owner lived and breathed the values. Sure the company was making a profit. It didn’t aim for a loss. But it didn’t aim for the stars it had the feeling of doing the right things. I remember a story one of our engineers told me years ago:

Angus got the information that our local competitor had a major problem with one installation. They could figure out a particular problem. He talked to his engineering manager and asked to get his best engineer ready to fly out and help the competitor solving the issue. Then he rang the competitor and let them know who he was sending.

He wasn’t jumping on a weakness and score a new client. He wasn’t even invoicing the competitor for the assistance. For him it was the right thing to do helping somebody out.

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