Go and repurpose ideas!

(1) Creative Rituals

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a blog post by Justine Musk that talked about Creative Rituals. I love creativity and always thought it’s the opposite of habits. Creativity is doing something new, different, and exciting. And habits or rituals is doing things the same way, consistently and repeatably. I thought, aren’t creative rituals an oxymoron?

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Does knowledge drive action?

A year ago I attended a webinar about change management. The speaker, Peter de Jager, was talking about what makes changes fail and what are good changes. He had a nice little list

Good Change Change failures
management of the change is facilitated management is dictated
good communications about the change poor communication
lots of planning lack of planning
all stakeholders are involved no involvement of key people
pro’s and con’s are clearly identified the change is not reality based
clarity of change objectives no clear benefit

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Design then test or test then design?

look ask model discuss actTen days ago I attended a workshop by Kent Harmon about knowledge capture and re-use. It was nothing ground breaking new, it was not rocket science, and still it was fascinating.

Kent reminded us how we learn. Or better how we used to learn when we were little.

By asking Why?

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How to communicate Change

For the last week I’ve been thinking about a couple of ideas for my blog. Nothing stood out and then I received an unexpected email from Google:

Now, I’m used to read Google’s blog where they announce upcoming changes. But this one is different. It’s for me the first time that I pro-actively get a “personal” email from Google announcing an upcoming change. I’m not going to discuss or analyse the change content itself but like to look at the way it is communicated. Continue reading

Personal Values drive First Impressions

Two months ago I wrote about interviewing a candidate. The post was titled “Of Being Scary” and told the tale of a double surprise.

  • First, the candidate was surprised of being offered the job because he thought he ruined it.
  • Secondly, I was surprised hearing that as I thought the interview went well.

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