Good Bye and Thank You

Chocolate Fish

To the people of Tait who have touched my professional and privat life

Good Bye

After 14 years I’m leaving friends and colleagues on my path to different pastures. It is a strange feeling. First, it is like leaving some good old friends behind. I developed an attachment to you and care about your well being and success. I hope I made some contribution to your personal and professional development. I certainly learned a lot. Second, it is like regaining some freedom back, allowing me to look forward, to review, reflect and set new goals.

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Delays and Changes

opportunityWednesday last week proved being a turning point in my life.

Tait announced a restructure and as part of it my role got disestablished. Now this has 2 consequences

(1) unfortunately our land purchase is delayed as without an income stream the bank doesn’t lend us the necessary funds. Understandable. I talked with the vendor letting him know. He was very understandable and happy to hold the purchase until we are in better shape again. Good on you Jeff!

(2)  I have a fantastic opportunity to review what I want to do in the future 🙂

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Tension of Opposites


It is late Saturday afternoon. The Sun is still shining brightly and warm. I collect a few strawberries for later and our 2 Labradoodles play on the lawn. My wife is gone to her study and prepares for her training course. I’m picking up a book that I haven’t read for a couple of years, “Tuesdays with Morrie” , sit down in my rocking chair and begin reading.

Nougat, our little dog is jumping on my lap and makes herself comfortable. Vanilla, her mother sits next to me and lets herself get cuddled. Time passes and I think of a Glenmorangie that sits in the cupboard just meters away. The tale of Morrie Schwartz and Mitch Albom is fascinating me again. I didn’t think I could forget that much. Just when I think of getting myself a dram of whisky I reach the part of the tension of opposites.

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Dolce Far Niente – The sweetness of doing nothing

We are on holiday in Germany for 2 weeks now and I didn’t get to write my blog post as regular as previously. Holidays are a magnificent invention although it always takes a couple of days to get in the right mood. I always tend to check my email, check the Twitter feed and other work related news and connections.

One thing I believe contributes to this is my German background. When we migrated to New Zealand some 13 years ago I was greeted by a South African saying, “Great! Now we get some discipline and stronger adherence to policies in this place.” He was the quality manager at the time and fought hard for standards and consistency. For me it was strange but it didn’t took long to understand his frustration. Kiwi mentality is different. It is locally called “wire 8” and “she’ll be allright” attitude.

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Fare well to a friend

Today is a sad day. A long time friend died. She was very close to my wife Susani and they shared some magical moments. Even after we moved to New Zealand they kept in contact and we visited Ilka, Susani’s long time friend twice. As a tribute Susani created a short video

I’m moved by the deep feeling Susani expressed. I’m proud she is my wife. And you can imagine she is a critical reviewer of my musings 😉

Thank you.