Good Bye and Thank You

Chocolate Fish

To the people of Tait who have touched my professional and privat life

Good Bye

After 14 years I’m leaving friends and colleagues on my path to different pastures. It is a strange feeling. First, it is like leaving some good old friends behind. I developed an attachment to you and care about your well being and success. I hope I made some contribution to your personal and professional development. I certainly learned a lot. Second, it is like regaining some freedom back, allowing me to look forward, to review, reflect and set new goals.

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The Liability of Complex Communication

Guide4ClearYesterday I found a study published by the University of St. Gallen “Complex to Clear – Managing Clarity in Corporate Communication“.

The authors Martin J Eppler and Nicole Bischof argue convincingly a business case for clarity in all types of corporate communications. They address reports, emails, and even Twitter. That fascinating study can be downloaded from the University’s website and there’s also a presentation on Slideshare.

I was so fascinated by the clarity of the report – it follows to a great extent the recommended principles very closely – that I decided to blog about it straight away. It took me just half an hour to read through the 67 pages.

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Thank you 2012 !

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for my blog. And this is the perfect time to say Thank You!


It was a very enjoyable time for me writing those musing most of the time. I got into a habit early in 2012 writing a post every week. This went fine until we went onto a holiday break in late August. Some stop start happened from there. Surprisingly that initiated my most successful month: November 2012.

My average monthly readership tripled from 300 to 913! Thank you so much 🙂

From there I kept a bit of a watch and even more exciting I met a few people who were reading and enjoying it. That was simply great!

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a sharp turn left

a sharp  turn  leftThose who have read my LinkedIn profile know that for a period of time I acted as the CIO for a company in the communication business. I missed out on getting the job fulltime.

As I’m curious I wanted to know why and what was necessary to be successful in the future. A number of frank discussions followed, notably one with the hiring manager and one with the successful applicant (my new boss). That brought some significant details to light: Continue reading


Since mid August I just made a single post. Not good enough.

So I apologies for this.

My reader levels dropped by 65% in the past 3 weeks. The impact of my laziness – and yes that what is was – was delayed and inevitable.
Now there is a lesson in this and one that can be applied all over again.

Actions and In-actions

My lack of action that is not to post and share what I’ve learned, heard or found valuable has a profound impact. I don’t mean me loosing readers or followers, no, I mean that someone out there might not have made a mistake or avoidable decision with me sharing just that information. I say might as I will never know. The fact remains that the possibility exists.

I learned many years when I was trained as an officer that a non-decision is worse than a wrong decision. A non-decision keeps everybody on a level of uncertainty – are we going left or right? Effectively it stops people changing, moving on, or doing the right things. People will continue to doing things the right way although it is very questionable the actions are focused on what is best. A wrong decision – eg. let’s go left! – leads to action with purpose. It is essential for the leader to recognise quickly and acknowledge openly when he made a wrong decision and correct his mistake.

In my case here, the indecision what to post on my blog caused people to rethink the value this blog is delivering going forward.


One part of me not taking the time to write and share is due to laziness. I openly admit it. Yes, I can claim my mind being on other things (eg. lots of changes at work and discussions about the future). Although there was always an hour or 2 to compile a blogpost.

Now I’m thinking if laziness an in-action are related. For example there is a saying “can’t see the forest for all the trees”. What I mean is if you have so many things you could do or say or make you might miss what you are all about and why you do things. Stepping out – literally – into the open and view all of it from a distance you should be able to see the shining light which touches your heart, lightens your spirit, and inspires your imagination.


My apologies again for not posting for a while.

My promise of a lesson learned – again.

My hope this post finds you well and you can make the most of it.