Frank GebhardtFrank is passionate about leadership, collaboration, project and change management. His experience includes 12 years as an officer, 8 years managing ICT services in a German based multi national company, 14 years leading ICT and business projects and managing change in a New Zealand based technology organisation, and some free lancing. Connect with Frank on LinkedIn.

Frank is married for nearly 30 years and has 3 adult sons. He lives with his beautiful wife Susani, their dogs Vanilla and Nougat and cat Spaghetti in the quaint village of Waikuku Beach. We are looking forward to our first grandchild in July 2013.

A work life balance, a caring attitude for his people, and an acute sense for business requirements is very important to him.

Frank has also been speaking on conferences and local events since 2009.

The Blog

For some time I’m collecting articles, memorable pieces from conferences and training session, and interesting stuff I find on the net. Collecting is one thing, sharing another. I’ve run leadership session with young and upcoming managers which both sides find very rewarding. In discussions with others I got told, “you should write a blog, mate” twice. So finally, I got my act together and doing it.

Funnily enough, I find myself applying all the things I talk about in this simple exercise!

Hope you enjoy it!


Some Resources

Frank Gebhardt CV 2013

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