Good Bye and Thank You

Chocolate Fish

To the people of Tait who have touched my professional and privat life

Good Bye

After 14 years I’m leaving friends and colleagues on my path to different pastures. It is a strange feeling. First, it is like leaving some good old friends behind. I developed an attachment to you and care about your well being and success. I hope I made some contribution to your personal and professional development. I certainly learned a lot. Second, it is like regaining some freedom back, allowing me to look forward, to review, reflect and set new goals.

Thank You

And here is the space to say thank you to those who made a lasting impression on me.

  • Prue Chapman and Richard Copeland, who saw in 1999 the potential in the not so young German coming to New Zealand
  • Frik de Beer, who taught me a lot about cultural difference (“wire 8 mentality”) during the Millenium project
  • Jurg Honger, whose mentorship in project management I value the most
  • George Elder, with whom I not only have a great mutual understanding and continuos debate in managing all aspects of ICT but value as a friend
  • Josie McNee, we initially drove us nuts before we managed to harness our different points of view to great effect
  • Will Mooar, for asking those awkward questions that needed an answer (not for those that didn’t ..)
  • Eddie King, the most dependable person I know
  • Andrew Kell, for having a dream and living it
  • Michael Chick, who taught me a lot about strategic decision making
  • Sir Angus Tait, for living the principle “doing the right thing is more important than anything else”

And here is also a big thank you to my team at Tait (you know who you are) who made my job as fun and successful as it was.

“So Long and Thank You for the Fish” – (HGTTG)

9 comments on “Good Bye and Thank You

  1. Elton Tiong says:

    Hi Frank,
    This is Elton here. Sorry to hear you leaving Tait. It was nice to have you around as a colleague and a friend. All the best to you in the future and keep in touch.


  2. Frans Andrea says:

    Frank, thank you.
    I hope your next endeavour will be even better.
    Groetjes, Mahl zeit,


  3. R2 says:

    I was saying to Sheryll yesterday that I was quite teary when I was in your office looking around.
    It is indeed an end of an era. Best wishes Frank! So,etching bigger and better always lies ahead.

    • Frank G says:

      Yes Rochelle, one door closes and an other will open. New adventures ahead for us. I enjoyed seeing you grow into the Service Desk manager role. You are doing a great job. Keep on top!

  4. Frank, All of my very best wishes to you and your family as you move into this new phase and on to this new adventure. I’m sure that you will be missed and that Tait will be a different place without you.

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