Geek Time :)

Tonight I’ve finally completed my private local network set up. It is probably nothing for some and quite complex for others. So, here is my little challenge I started with:

Our house is divided into 2 parts, one has the incoming phone cable the other nothing. We have a staggering 15 (!) devices using our Internet from all parts of the property. I wanted a central system for back up and file sharing, a network printer and good wireless coverage while minimising cost. Sounds good?

Firstly, I got rid of my phone line and went for VoIP. That gave me a new router and better coverage in the first part of the house. I already had an ethernet cable between the 2 building parts. I reconfigured the old router to act as a switch and set up both routers to become a wireless distribution system. That enabled great coverage in the second part of the property. In addition it provided me with additional ports for the NAS and the printer. No changes required on any of the devices – they just enjoy better and more services 🙂

Hope this will help some people to make better use of stuff they already have!

wireless distribution system


Some details:

  • I use the same wireless SSID on both routers. That is apparently not necessary but I can’t see an advantage not doing it for a family.
  • The encryption must be the same as must be the wireless channel. Auto is not supported!
  • Most people will use DHCP, just check that the allocated range of IP addresses on your 2 routers doesn’t overlap.
  • I configured the second router to use a fixed (internal) IP address that is provided by the main router.

Second Router config


What's your opinion?

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