40 Loburn Kowai RoadGood News on the land purchase front. On Sunday we agreed with the vendors on purchasing the lot at 40 Loburn Kowai Road, North Loburn. There are still a few legal and administrative hoops to go through but by June 1st we shall have that completed!

On the left you can see a quick sketch of land, the proposed driveway and building site.

A few days earlier we discussed our ideas with 2 builders gauging their interest and capabilities. I also spent a few hours with the local council checking on building restrictions, zoning, the district plan and the like. Nothing there that causes any concerns 🙂

Susani was busy searching for heating and flooring. She found this German site called “Die Speichertonne” where a guy modified the known “Grundofen” idea to a smaller system. The most practical aspect for us is its applicability to our more moderate climate. 3 hours of heating and 24 hours of gained warm. The inventor is happy to share the construction so we can have it locally built.

industrial parquet

The flooring aspect is also gaining momentum. We found a number of suppliers for “industrial parquet”. The installation is simple and can be done by local builders. Check the first 30 seconds of this clip:

From a supply perspective we tend to using bamboo.

And finally for now we are meeting with our architect Graham next Saturday to get the drawings on the way!

Exciting stuff!

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