Building – a thought process

In parallel to our land hunt we had some big discussions about the house itself. Susani and I have the same principal ideas but a lot of different opinions in the detail.

(1) The house must be environmentally friendly, cosy, have a character, warm, and beautiful.

(2) It can’t cost an arm and a leg.

(3) we want to use solar hot water and power.

new HouseOur thoughts went from Earthships to Light Earth buildings to strawbale. We finally settled on a timberframe with a light earth infill. Much more interesting was the form itself. For a long time we toyed with Geodesic Dome structures. But I couldn’t imagine myself living in it. Other round structures didn’t quite make the cut, too. The current – and probably final – thinking is a polygon. On the left you can see a sketch.

What you may notice, there no bedroom, no bathroom and no office. That’s the other part of our design. We plan to have separate but interconnected buildings. Imagine 2 smaller hubs left and right and voila there we are.

property sketch East-South-West View

Above you can see a draft sketch on how it looks on the land and next to it a stitched view of the actual land from East (Ashley Forest) – South (Banks Peninsula) – West (Southern Alps – imagine them behind the Pine trees).
That’s for today!

What's your opinion?

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