and now something different

For the past 2 months Susani and I have been searching for a new place to live. After 10 years at the beautiful Waikuku Beach.

Waikuku Beach

it is time for a change. We have been searching originally at the Marlborough Sounds – magical (see below)! – but too far away from what we value, too. And that is family. Nik and Kim are having a baby soon and as becoming Granddad and Grandma we want to be part of the growing family.

"windy" Bay

Over the past few weeks we have been searching now nearby Rangiora from as far North as Greta Valley and South to Banks Peninsula. A lot of very nice and interesting properties did we see! Then we drove to North Loburn close to the Ashley Forest and Mount Grey looking at a number of 4HA blocks. On the way we came across 2 privately advertised plots of land that caught our interest. It took a number of phone calls to get some details. Apparently the owners had subdivided years ago and were in no hurry to sell.

We loved the space, we loved the view, we loved the piece and quiet. Our kids (yes, still our kids even if they are in their mid twenties) came along one day and also liked it. What should we do?

We talked to the owners again and got some details about the property and price. The conversation went well until we read the covenants. I emailed back and said, thanks but no thanks. Sad, we thought that was that. Jeff emailed me back, “I don’t understand what’s the problem.” So, we talked on the phone and then we met Jeff and Kathryn 2 weeks ago on the property. We discovered 2 things, one: we liked each other well enough and two: we wanted the same thing.

We agreed in principal to buy the place and now are 10 days away to sign on the dotted line! Exciting times – indeed.

The Entrance

to be continued …

2 comments on “and now something different

  1. Trisha Liu says:

    This is so awesome and exciting Frank! What a great feeling to be in alignment with the current owners, and wanting the same things. Congratulations and best wishes!

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