Thank you 2012 !

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for my blog. And this is the perfect time to say Thank You!


It was a very enjoyable time for me writing those musing most of the time. I got into a habit early in 2012 writing a post every week. This went fine until we went onto a holiday break in late August. Some stop start happened from there. Surprisingly that initiated my most successful month: November 2012.

My average monthly readership tripled from 300 to 913! Thank you so much ūüôā

From there I kept a bit of a watch and even more exciting I met a few people who were reading and enjoying it. That was simply great!

Some stats:

The favourite musing was Brainstorming with a staggering 1346 views! This is an old post from August 2011 and now it got attention. I shall write more about that or in that style. This was followed by Go and repurpose ideas!, Time Management is a skill based on attitude and habits and Problem ownership.

I enjoyed most writing the stories Nothing is obvious, Positive Surprises, Reality Check and With Intention! These 4 posts cover vastly different areas but still show items that are very relevant for me. Although they rang just in the middle of your interests.

I often get asked by friends and family: “Who is actually reading what you write? It takes quite a bit of effort and time – is it worth it?” Yes, it is worth it. It helps me to channel my thinking, to sort through my ideas, to tell important from interesting stuff, and it really is fun. I like it. And in using the WordPress stats I can now say my readership spans 97 countries (mostly US, UK and New Zealand but even from Mongolia, Zimbabwe and Venezuela). More than 3600 people viewed and enjoyed my posts. That’s a lot compared to a few dozen I can actually speak to in person. Or a few hundred when I speak on conferences.

Looking forward

2013 lays ahead and lots of things are in the making. I’m reading at present a few interesting looking books starting with Uncommon Sense, Common Nonsense:

Hope that fuels some ideas and please feel free to comment or contact me via the provided links (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, EMail).

Sincerely Yours


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