House rules

Recently I came across a sticker called “We are family wall decor”. It was a simple poster showing a few call out elements. I loved that.

I loved it because they were “do this” things and “we do this” statements. They were positive and encouraging.  I translated them for a business (team) context:

  • We are team A
  • we have fun
  • we smile
  • we share good things
  • we forgive mistakes
  • we show respect
  • we play nice and fair
  • we do the right things
  • we try everything once
  • we do our best
  • we are honest with each other
  • we hold our heads high
  • we listen and understand before we speak
  • we keep our promises
  • we do what we love
  • we say thank you
  • we never give up
  • and once in while we break the rules

You see there is not a single “don’t do this”, it is simply a list of guidelines that could and should be applied for and by most groups. A team that has and lives such principals earns the trust of each other, creates an engaging environment and achieves results.

Does that resonate with you?

What's your opinion?

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