With Intention!

I’ve seen people busy themselves with reports, spreadsheets, documentation, and meetings. I’ve heard it a thousands times “Gosh, I don’t know how you do it, I don’t even know where to start so much work is in front of me.”


This sounds to me like the rabbit in front of the snake, unable to move a muscle and petrified. The rabbit is quite capable of outsmarting the snake. But some instinct doesn’t allow it to do this. It’s like the person who is hording seemingly important tasks and not getting any done. In that case it’s not instinct but habit. Nonetheless, it takes an outside nudge to jump out of it.


Reading through the book of habits it talks a lot of how they form and how to break them. I’d like to take a slightly different view. Prevent it. That is prevent bad habits.


I simply believe it is a question of intention. It is a mind set or an attitude and it comes down to these simple questions that you should ask yourself BEFORE you do something:

  • Why – What is the purpose of this task? Why am I doing this? Where does it fit in the outcomes I’m responsible for? How important is it?
  • What – What is the priority of this task? Does it need to be doing now? Does it need scheduling? Is it repetitive or a one off?
  • How – Is this the most efficient way of achieving the desired result? Should I simply follow the instructions, improve, or challenge, or delegate?


You can call this planning. I call it intention. It provides me with 2 important things:

I like what I’m doing.

And I get the right things done.


— At least I think I do 🙂

What’s your secret at work or life?

One comment on “With Intention!

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