Reality Check!

It’s been more than a week since my last post and I feel a bit bad about it. But just a bit. I’ve been on a workshop the past 4 days. Well, nothing too exciting about that, you may say, we all go on workshops all the time.

“What’s the big deal about it?”

For me, it was a big deal. This workshop wasn’t your usual leadership, management, strategy or technology workshop. Nope, this one stretched my reality to its limit. Many weeks ago I promised wife Susani, who is a therapist and communication consultant, to go with her on her next workshop. This was called “Awakening of the illuminated Heart” and held by Ron LaPlace and his partner Dorothy and just ended 2 hours ago.

The workshop goes for 4 days and is packed with stuff that my normal life at the office doesn’t include. Let me give you a brief overview

  • we started with an introduction of the teachers and the participants. This took time as everybody said who he/she is and how this workshop is relevant. It provided us with a far better understanding of who’s who then the brief “I’m Frank, I work for ABC, and my main responsibilities are x, y, and z”.
  • We continued with a native American welcoming ceremony and covered intensely the outline and structure of the workshop.
  • A number of meditations were introduced that brought the group closer together and the individual closer to the workshop objective.
  • Sacred geometry was discussed not only in light of the spiritual world but also in connection with modern science. I was still hanging in.
  • The afternoon of the 2 day was my first real stretch. For about 4 hours we were singing and chanting and cleansing. After that I felt a real connection to everybody and moved away from being an observer.
  • Day 3 started with a Sufi ceremony. An incredible intimate process that is based on trust and love. After that I was close part of all.
  • Furthermore I cannot tell. If you are intrigued look for those workshops all over the world.
  • One thing I like to mention: The funniest part was the dance in the dark. No, we all had blindfolds and were dancing with just the fingertips touching. You can imagine 😉

Awakening the Illuminated Heart – Workshop

Where does it leave me?

I’ve rediscovered a different aspect of myself. I believe it adds a dimension to my personality that helps me how to work with difficult people and how to better understand the belief system of others. Furthermore, I have a deeper understanding of life.

Most importantly I have a deeper connection to my wife. And that’s why I went.

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