Positive Surprises

attidue drives successI’d like to share 2 stories that happened yesterday. 2 stories that have a common theme. 2 stories that mean don’t be afraid to ask.


For years I’m playing social football. We have a pretty good team and most importantly we have a lot of fun. Yesterday we started with the bare 11 where our striker Dave carried a strained achilles tendon and wasn’t full of running. Midway through the first half we “lost” another Dave with a pulled hamstring. And before halftime a pinched calve muscle made me hobbling, too. At half time we debated briefly what to do as we had only Dave’s son Joel at the sideline. We decided it doesn’t hurt asking the other team “The Spikes” if they would be happy considering Joel was 23 and we are playing over 45’s. When I asked Pete, the captain, he agreed despite some of his team mates opposing it. Look, I said to him, Joel is a referee not a player himself. If you are not happy, that’s okay. So, they let him play. We had a much more enjoyable game with equal numbers and a 3 all result was a fair outcome.

When we discussed this at halftime many of us assumed The Spikes would not agree to that, or probably only if we forfeit the game. Assumptions, even if they look pretty reasonable, are dangerous. Go and find out for yourself or ask and understand will not only provide you with the better answer, no, it may surprise you, too!


The second story revolves around customer service. I ordered new business cards for my wife from Moo. They have a neat website and I love that you can upload your own imagery for front and back. You can even have different backs on every card! Now those cards arrived a week earlier as was advertised. You could say their promised target date (3 weeks from order date) was easy to exceed. Although I personally prefer a positive surprise to an optimistic promise that is just missed. Imaging a 15 workday promise and a delivery on day 12 to a 10 workday promise and a delivery on day 12. Which one leaves you with the better impression of great service?

Back to the story. While I was happy with the early arrival, the parcel looked damaged from the outside. I opened the packet and first thought not too bad. Unfortunately 2 batches of the business cards had gotten wet and stuck together in a lump – unusable! Not happy! I took some pictures and looked how to send that to them. All emails came from a robot with a “no-reply” note – not helpful. Logging on to Moo and going to my order, no option to advise of a damaged delivery. I found it finally but no option to attach my pictures. Again the promise wasn’t that great.

However I got surprised again. Within 12 hours I had a reply from a real person who not only apologised but had already organised a free reprint and delivery BEFORE asking me to send the pictures that would validate my message! This is a fantastic lesson in customer service! Congratulations to Moo for that.

Do you have positive surprises you like to share?

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