Go and repurpose ideas!

(1) Creative Rituals

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a blog post by Justine Musk that talked about Creative Rituals. I love creativity and always thought it’s the opposite of habits. Creativity is doing something new, different, and exciting. And habits or rituals is doing things the same way, consistently and repeatably. I thought, aren’t creative rituals an oxymoron?

(2) My Mistake

I discovered my mistake. Creativity is doing something new or in a different way. It doesn’t prescribe how you get there. So having habits that foster creativity is actually an excellent move. One of my favourite habits is to spend some time reading what other people have to say. That often leads to looking up things and opinions or follow strange links.

(3) Serendipity

For example I read my twitter feed about once a day for maybe 20 minutes. Sure I miss a lot but when I find some stuff that catches my attention I follow it or email it myself to read later. The same is true for magazines, yes I still read some physical papers at times :). I miss the clickable links or copy and paste but the iPhone is doing a good enough job!

(4) Be prepared

I find interesting stuff in unexpectated places. I combine those where I feel it fits. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it’s a mystery even to me: “why the hell did I try that?”. But now comes the interesting part, publicise it! That’s right. Don’t keep it for yourself, engage in a conversation. Ask for feedback and be prepared to get the whole 9 yards. Those who think you are out of your mind and those who would never thought about this, both will tell you.

(5) Stimulation

There are lots of people doing just that. I just googled “repurpose ideas“. If that isn’t stimulation for you – go back to your TV šŸ˜‰

2 comments on “Go and repurpose ideas!

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