Inbox – Doing – Done!

It has been some time that I’ve talked about GTD (Getting things done) and in the next few days I’m on a discovery what other people do in that space. Nothing was closer then to re-align my thoughts and habits on the topic as preparation. Hence I’m sharing this with you and welcome your feedback!


Years ago I had 2 baskets on my desk: “In” and “Out”. Life was easy, incoming tasks usually came by internal mail or were created on a notepad as a result of meetings and phone calls. Everything ended up in the “Inbox”. I sorted those tasks daily to these criterias

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The trouble with Communication Excellence

You know I work in IT. Corporate Information Technology is known for sending out information emails so everybody in the organisation knows if any of the IT services is being upgraded, patched, serviced or replaced with something new and better. And this is not just in those organisations I worked for it’s a common theme in most organisations independent of location and culture. If yours is different – well done!

HR and Marketing have their own share of corporate communication. The internal communication specialists promote the corporate message, tell stories about achievements and are hot on the heels of employee engagement. The external comms master does the same just targeting business partners, contractors, customers and suppliers.

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Good Management Practice is the death for Innovation!

InnovationThis will be a short but provocative post.



Good Management practice as I have learned and practiced over many years is symbolised in 2 simple statements


  • risk management
  • following the rules

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Go and repurpose ideas!

(1) Creative Rituals

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a blog post by Justine Musk that talked about Creative Rituals. I love creativity and always thought it’s the opposite of habits. Creativity is doing something new, different, and exciting. And habits or rituals is doing things the same way, consistently and repeatably. I thought, aren’t creative rituals an oxymoron?

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Devotion is a powerful word

unconditional love(1)

My company changed quite a bit since I started there 13 years ago. It was a family driven company and the owner lived and breathed the values. Sure the company was making a profit. It didn’t aim for a loss. But it didn’t aim for the stars it had the feeling of doing the right things. I remember a story one of our engineers told me years ago:

Angus got the information that our local competitor had a major problem with one installation. They could figure out a particular problem. He talked to his engineering manager and asked to get his best engineer ready to fly out and help the competitor solving the issue. Then he rang the competitor and let them know who he was sending.

He wasn’t jumping on a weakness and score a new client. He wasn’t even invoicing the competitor for the assistance. For him it was the right thing to do helping somebody out.

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