Strategic Clarity is important

Vison triggers changeA few weeks back I wrote about how “to do strategy“. In a few words I suggested breaking it down into manageable components like future orientation, operational excellence, business contribution and user orientation.

Now, let’s take the next step. We have a strategy and it is written down as a plan of actions to achieve our vision. What can we do that our strategy is known and accepted by those who we lead?

3 questions help us to do this.

  1. Why is it important?
  2. How do we do this?
  3. What outcome do we want to see?

Considering as well that we have a change in mind with our vision, we can use change management principles to achieve our goal.

Developing a strategic perspective

First, our staff need to know where we are going. A strategic objective that we aim for probably sits 3 to 5 years in the future. This needs breaking down into attainable milestones in between. Use your employees input in creating these steps and by doing so achieve clarity, actionable decisions, and engagement.

Champion Change

Secondly, our staff need to know you care. You need to walk the talk and be the change you want to create. You are at the forefront and communicate the why, the how, and the what. By doing so, you create emotional buy in and accelerate the change. It also makes it visible what is the stuff we should stop doing.

Connect to the outside world

Thirdly, our staff need to know how does the vision fit with our customers, our competitors, our community, and our environment. The organisational values play a significant role. You can achieve this through partnering, benchmarking, networking, and research. By doing so you create understanding and regulate behaviour. It also provides the organisation with valuable customer insight.

How do you achieve strategic clarity?

What's your opinion?

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