The value of website footers

Two beautiful footers

This lovely designed footer is just great to look at! It has 4 clean and descriptive elements. Each using the same colour composition, which makes it easy to read and understand. The colours repeat the ones used in the header and provide a high element of recognition. I like the description in understandable English which made me want to click on those and see what lays beyond.

But sorry, here the beauty stops. The footer is just that a pretty descriptive design. No content lies in wait to be discovered. What a shame đŸ˜¦

Now that’s another creative design. And it is nice to look at. Let’s guess, the nerdy guy gives us a hint this being a technical site. Plus all the other cartoon figures add to a fresh appeal. I particular like the choice of character enhancing the description. You only need to read that once if at all to know what you can expect when going there!

Yes, this footer has meaning! Click on the Nerd and know who’s behind the site, The shouting Robot tells the news, the pretty nurse makes asking for help fun, and that Twitter is a symbol for following people and brands isn’t a secret these days. The slight variation to a robobird creates a visual link to the site name of Tapbots.

What great footers have you found?

What's your opinion?

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