It’s OK not to be perfect!

I have a workmate who has brilliant ideas. He comes up with things to improve processes or generally make tasks easier to complete. First I gave him free range. “Make it happen!”, I said to him, “and show me what you’ve done next month. Let me know if you need anything or get stuck.”

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Making it easy to do business with you


2 years ago I was leading a project that brought significant change to the organisation. We embarked on a journey of improving internal collaboration. There were a myriad of different use cases albeit 2 came up over and over again.

  • information exchange across departments was limited and across geographical boundaries very rare
  • finding relevant information “hey, I know we have done something like that before. Let me think who was involved.” was challenging

“Standard” – I’m a bit sarcastic with a decent pinch of truth” –  ICT approach of building a new system and assume people will come and use it was out of the question. Standard ICT practice of centralised management and administration was also a no-go. Empowered employees are engaged employees was the mantra.

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The impact of recurrent catastrophies

Christchurch, 23 December, 1:58 NZDT

a 5.8 earthquake struck 23km north east of Christchurch’s harbour Lyttleton. It was followed by 6.0 80 minutes later even closer to the city. I was in the second story of our building just joining a webinar. The monitors started shaking, the earth rumbled like a lorry coming through your living room, but nobody got physically hurt and we had a roll count outside the building just 5 minutes later.

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Expectations raise Emotions, don’t they!

I have this gut feeling writing about Expectations is a must do this week. It lingers for a while and I wasn’t yet quite sure what  and how to get it into words. Let’s try.

“Don’t lower your expectations to meet your performance. Raise your level of performance to meet your expectations. Expect the best of yourself, and then do what is necessary to make it a reality.”

Let me use this quote from Ralph Marston to illustrate an important point. The expectation to meet a certain criteria can come either from your boss, your colleagues, or yourself. By doing this you are faced with a test. The test has actually two facets, firstly will you meet the criteria and live up to the expectations. It is a question of knowledge, skill, and aptitude. Have you learned what is necessary and are you able to apply it in the given situation. This is a simple and straight forward task and you can answer it for yourself. Continue reading

good judgment comes from bad experience

or doesn’t it?

A couple of days ago I found in my inbox a brief article about the “Conscious Competence Learning Model“. It is a 4 stage model (some add a 5th stage) that claims that all people start learning by being first

Unconscious Incompetent

or in other words, you have no idea how deep the water is you getting yourself into. I have used the model myself. It is only fair to say when you start something new, you actually don’t know the complexity of the task. Let’s take learning a new language. You may think Korean (and for the record I don’t speak Korean) is only a different way to say the same things. Yes, the letters look different, but that can be learnt.

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