Of being scary

Nothing has surprised me more than what happened last week. We had a job opening in ICT and the hiring manager had completed the first round  of interviews the week before. She invited me to join her in the second round where she had selected the 2 most promising candidates.

The first one up looked different to what I had imagined by reading the intro letter and his CV. I’m a visual type and what ever I’m reading forms as a picture in my head. So, there he was and we introduced ourselves. He seemed quite relaxed and a good dialogue came about. My objective was to learn what type of man he was, would he fit well within the team, be able to do the job and bring something new to the table.

I liked his attitude, he had a good sense of humor, and so I decided to ask about his personal priorities. „What drives you?“, I asked which he answered honestly saying, „My family is most important to me“. Before I could reply, he added, „I know I’m shooting myself in the foot by saying so.“ I assured him that not being the case as I not only agreed with him, it is even part of the organizational culture and values.

The interview continued and went so I thought well for both parties. A few days later we decided to make him a job offer. So, I was very surprised to hear he was surprised about getting the offer. Apparently I had been very scary and he feared not having stacked up to my expectations.

What happened?

I’m not sure as yet. I need and will follow up with him personally when starts in a month time. It is important to me to understand.

Once my father said to me „You always make an impression on others – independent if you want it or not“. This seems to be the case here. My feeling of the questions I asked and the timing seemed to be working out well at the time. His understanding must have been very different.

It looks to me like a great opportunity to reflect and learn.

2 comments on “Of being scary

  1. Debby Hiemer says:

    That’s one smart cookie

  2. […] months ago I wrote about interviewing a candidate. The post was titled “Of Being Scary” and told the tale of a double […]

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