Playing with iPhone photo apps

Yesterday was a very nice spring day! Easily 20 something degrees and sunshine galore! Apart from that the All Blacks won the Rugby Worldcup 2011 on Sunday night so everything was fine when having a day off!

Through a series of interesting tweets and links I ended up listening to this brief Youtube video

Only 2000 odd people watched it so far – still I think Steve made a great selection! So here is what he is suggesting

#1 – iPhone Camera
#2 – Instagram –
#3 – Pudding – Pudding –
#4 – Retro Camera Plus –
#5 – Camera+ –

Now, I downloaded the lot and started playing. I had lots of fun til my family got annoyed with me. So let me share some of my attempts:

This was taken with Camera+ and edited within the app to get that look and feel. This is probably the best all round Camera app. Above is my wife Susani (she didn’t want her photo taken – still I very much like the shot!) and below the Waikuku Beach lagoon. Actually the photo was taken with Instagram and edited with Camera+. That’s a great feature of Camera+ you can open any photo on your iPhone and edit!

A fun application is Pudding Camera! You don’t need to know Korean as the app fairly self explanatory (to be clear I don’t speak Korean and managed to use the app 😉 ). Below is an example using the Fish eye objective: It’s our dog Nougat who was quite curious what I was doing!

Below is a black and white picture of the Ashley river also using Pudding Camera.

The Retro Camera Plus simulates old film photography, I used the Little Orange Box and got this fantastic picture of my son Julius!


So, after my first futile attempts I reduce my list to 3 apps in this order

  1. Camera+ – cost a dollar but absolutely worth it. Best all round photography app I know of.
  2. Pudding Camera – despite being in Korean (even the email is …) it’s so much fun to use and a gem!
  3. Retro Camera Plus – Old style is in! Yeah, baby!
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