Jiveworld 2011

Tomorrow I’m heading to Las Vegas! Jiveworld 2011 is about to start. Can’t wait. This is a great event. Last year I attended it in San Francisco and learned heaps that made our environment at work lots better. I also met quite a few like minded people and shared stories.

So, tomorrow is the long trip from Christchurch via Auckland and San Francisco. Funnily enough take of here is Sunday, 3:15pm and touch down is 2:29pm the same day! Looks like I don’t need something special to be faster than light 😉

It’ll catch me out on the way back, leave on Friday arrive on Sunday – no Saturday 😦


Monday: Grand Canyon …. Then meet with a few people and have dinner together.

Tuesday: Jive training in the morning, talk with some Jive engineers and check out latest modules. Organize to meet with people regarding bridging communities and connecting Jive to Document Management systems. Evening: Cirque du Soleil – yeah!

Wednesday: main event day one.

My schedule include the obvious choices of attending the keynote (don’t miss Gabe Zichermann talking about Gamification), followed by Design do’s and don’t’s in the morning. Later I concentrate on record and document management (some boring but necessary stuff about compliance and regulations) although it has essential business value. The day concludes with a round table regarding customer support.

Thursday: main event day two.

The day starts again with keynotes and is followed by an advanced course of measurements and metrics. That I’ll expect to turn into lively discussions. In the afternoon I’ll check out plugins and extensions plus Jiving with Partners. The awards ceremony and closing keynote finish the conference.

Friday: MeetUp regarding Bridging. – later: Fly home

2 comments on “Jiveworld 2011

  1. Eli Weir says:

    Great to learn of another NZ Jive customer. Did you get a chance to meet the ON-Brand Partners team while you were at JiveWorld?

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