A couple of days ago I watched a TED video about a guy who created his own children’s book on the iPad. It didn’t click immediately with me and then today my wife showed me the same video and said, look at that! Now, here’s the video


What a great concept teaching perspective to create empathy. Read and view the history of any event from the different perspectives, the guys in the North and the ones in the South, the neighbours in the West and in the East. Well, we’ve done the same thing when we moved over 12 years ago from Germany to New Zealand. We came with a German / Western European perspective on politics, economy, values, the way of life and learned a British / Kiwi / Pacific Island perspective on the same things. And they are different, believe me.

In Germany, policies and procedures are core values, any flexibility is discussed and agreed upon before hand. In New Zealand, flexibility is a core value, policies and procedures are much more a guideline compared to a German perspective.

In New Zealand, debating is core to the school curriculum and in Germany it is grammar.

In New Zealand our kids were placed in classes that matched their age, in Germany kids from foreign countries are placed in classes based on their knowledge.

Raghava says in his brief talk Perspective teaches Empathy, he also says teaching Perspective enables Creativity.


Empathy is so important and essential in our world. It starts with understanding your colleague who stays at home because his child is sick. It becomes better when you do part of his work to minimise the impact. Empathy is necessary when you are in customer service and listen to a complaint. Can you really put yourself into your customer’s shoes? Can you imagine the situation on the other end of the phone line? And, do you?


I would not have made that jump, to be quite honest, saying the teaching perspective is teaching creativity. And I’m still struggling a bit with that. Although, I begin to see what he means. The importance is that “teaching” perspective is “teaching” creativity. Teaching means showing there is more. Teaching Perspective means imagine an other side. There is not only one side, and not two, but multiple perspectives.

Throw a coin in the air. What are the options? head or tails, right? What about it lands on the side? Or it doesn’t come down? You see, initially you made an assumption, that being the coin lands on a flat surface and you can see one side on the top. Right? And by looking at those we can take them away and re-look at the perspectives. There is always an other one.


What's your opinion?

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