When I first told my wife about my idea that getting things done is a question of Passion, Posture, and Profile, she said “Posture ?, that’s what your father told you how to sit at the dinner table.” Well, no that’s not what I had in mind although yes, it has something to do with it.

The importance about posture is not new. In the military you are ordered and trained how to move and the drill sergeant will tell you when you don’t get it right. While the method can be improved that’s not what I want to discuss. The result is what interests me more. You learn the right way to move in certain situation, it becomes second nature. The same applies for learning to dance. Posture, the way you hold your body, makes such a difference.

I was talking to a gentleman on the airport once where we both were waiting for our flights. He is married to a woman from Venezuela. He told me about meeting her parents and living in Caracas for 6 months. “All women walk like they are the most beautiful woman on Earth.”, he said, “their posture, their mimic, it’s incredible. From young girls to grandmas – they all do it.”

Another story is best told by Isabel Allende:

While her stories are primarily about passion, there are her 4 minutes of fame with Sophia Loren. What is the difference between the 2 bearing the flag during the opening ceremony? Posture. Sophia doesn’t complain about the uniform she has to wear. She wears it as if it is the most beautiful dress in the world. Look at the photo, Sophia being at the left front and Isabel behind her.

Now and that’s what I feel is so important in the context of getting things done. You don’t always like what you gotta do. Simple things like doing the dishes, following the ‘damn’ process, or documenting the minutes. What ever it is you don’t like doing, I bet once it is done you feel better and the result further down the track is better, too.

blind conforming

I hear some people saying, you can’t always just obey. Sometimes is plain wrong and if you realise that you should say so. Correct, I have no objection to that. I’m talking about things that you can’t change like the uniform at the opening ceremony at the Olympics. It’s a different skill to know the difference when to shut up and do it and when to stand up and call for a change.


Imaging you arrive at a conference and you thought smart casual is the right dress code. You open the door and everybody is wearing a suit. You stand out like a soar thumb. There’s a choice: hide, ignore or wear it with pride. Do the latter and I’ll bet after lunch some people change.

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