Webify Me!

My trusted FireFox browser greeted me after updating to version 6 with the invitation to “Webify Me“. I had to try that – sounded like fun. 20 questions with hilarious options – yeah, it’s multi choice, you can’t go wrong! – gave me quite a chuckle. So 5 minutes later my poster emerged

So what did I score?

a Glamour Girl magazine – well, I don’t know about that one … “Clearly, you bear the mark of the fierce!” says the pop up – Good one!

a friendship bracelet – being social and making friends – nothing to add I guess

usb-drive – a gadget in the pocket or my data lives with me – yep, I agree, I love my toys 🙂

the fortune teller – “simple honesty guided by blind chance” – I love that!

the multi tool – that looks more “man on the web” like — the pop up confirms: “being prepared and having the right tool for the job”

MP3 Player – the way music is played these days  — “compact, concise and in control” is the symbols meaning – nice

Statue of Liberty – mmhh? I’m not in the USA — The pop up is not with me: “your are in the USA” — got that one wrong …

Crayons – the child in the man — “unfettered imagination — you may be a child” — close call 😉

the flask – love my single Malt, how did they know? — “Social butterfly, keep it classy”: mmhh the pop up has a different interpretation to me

wrench – another tool, this one specific but still a handy man’s friend — “wield the tool to make it unique”: aaah, a self reference to FireFox’s ability to adjust to my needs

Silly Band – these are probably on the edge of what defines me — “bright outlook, flexible attitude, and a kooky sense of aesthetic”: I got that one wrong, this fits much more than I thought!

Business Card – yeah, I have one of those, provides contact details and reminds others who they talked with — ‘The mark of a professional” – right, that’s a good description.


Really, I’m surprised how much that actually reveals about me. You should try it, too!


One comment on “Webify Me!

  1. Joie says:

    I just did mine too. It was pretty close to fitting my personality, I really couldn’t argue over the results at all! Very cool personalizing tool!

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