something different ..

One of my favourite Youtube videos is Bobby McFerrin’s Ave Maria

Firstly, it’s simply beautiful.

Secondly, Bobby is damn good in engaging the audience and making them part of the experience. He makes sure the people know the Ave Maria by singing the first tunes, then he adds the Bach part and surprises the audience by “and you sing the Ave Maria”. While that sinks in, he makes people section leaders who know the song well and pulls everybody else in by allowing for mistakes.

Now, you could start with a few tries before you record it, but here it’s life (yeah I could also use “live”) and it works out beautiful.

Enjoy listening 🙂

3 comments on “something different ..

  1. beautiful blog, franko – very integrative to invite the arts and music into leadership
    my friend and choir director, bethan graves, in hong kong, was invited to business coaching / leadership days quite frequently; to see her in ‘action’, how she easily managed to direct 100 women in 4 different voices to ‘output’ one beautiful piece of music, was inspiring. would be an innovative idea here in nz ?

  2. Frank G says:

    very nice choir indeed. And yes, mixing and directing different ‘voices’ to a common goal is a fine leadership art. Using music can be a lot of fun and I could imagine this as an element for team building and leadership.

  3. Christian says:

    I’ve been lucky to listen to (and participate in) two Bobby McFerrin performances, and it’s truely amazing. Suddenly you sit in a room filled with this heavenly music coming from everywhere and nowhere in particular, and you are part of this angel’s choir. Words fall short in describing this experience…
    At the same time, one can (for the average person probably only on rare occasions) experience something similar, when a group of people suddenly aligns to form a team with a common purpose and achieves something you wouldn’t have dared to even think of (let alone demand of them) a minute ago.
    In Bobby’s concert the alignment is achieved through a charismatic director, who instead of acting out a role of supremacy makes himself humble and part of the group; and he trusts people.
    Wouldn’t this be a valid approach for Business Life as well?

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