Copyright in NZ

NZ is changing the copyright act with Article 92A. The Act comes into effect from September 1, but infringement activity can be monitored from up to 21 days before – which means since yesterday anyone downloading copyright material could already be chalking up infringement notices.

InternetNZ (@3strikesNZ) has started a website at telling people more about the law and what they can do to protect themselves.

A lot of people are quite angry about the law as it doesn’t take into account real life scenarios. But it is the law. What can we do to make it better?

And why is this now an IT or even end user problem? Is listening to a song on Youtube now my infringement? How can I know if the provider of the content has the right to do so or not? In the old days I listened to the stereo and recorded the songs I liked on tape. Now I could do the same using my computer and an mp3 player. Recording a late movie on VHS was typical a hundred years ago, these days DVD recorders do the trick. Is this now illegal?

As far as I understand the intend of the law it isn’t. This is all about downloading and distributing the latest movies and music using file sharing and p2p technologies. Still that is not clear enough at all.



What's your opinion?

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