Obvious to you – amazing to others

Today I checked a few things that were sitting in the “do when I have time” box. One of these was a recommendation to view this little video clip:

What a revolution!

How often do you have an “ordinary” idea and don’t do anything about it? Or you share it willingly and maybe not get the credit it deserves. Still people are often so grateful and forget to let you know. That’s quite a short coming in today’s society, although I think it is getting better.

Just the other day we had a presentation from IBM about their approach to Disaster Recovery (quite a popular topic these days in Christchurch). Having been directly involved in this for the past few months I didn’t expect much impact. However, I was mistaken, the gentleman (Charles Woods) was well versed and provided a different tag on the topic that combined the strategic aspects with the practical implications. It made sense on different management levels and brought everybody together.

Next time you’ve got an idea, don’t hold back – share it. Also, when somebody else has, say thank you and what it means to you.



One comment on “Obvious to you – amazing to others

  1. Rochelle J says:

    I just saw this post Frank – funnily enough we have just implemented a complete IBM disaster recovery system for our virtual servers and sans on site. Very interesting concepts.

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