IT is dead – long live IS

Information Technology is a commodity these days. There is nothing special about it. Everybody has it, everybody uses it, so what makes it special for a business?

Is it a business advantage to have your very own data centre, to be using virtual systems, or to be in the cloud?

No, none of this makes in principal a difference to most organisations. Why you do any of it (be it for financial, strategic, security, or an other reason) and how does IT support and enable the business processes that makes a difference.

So, from a business perspective it is not the information technology but the information services that counts. Let me use an analogy. When you buy a car, the primary driver is because you need to get from A to B probably on a regular basis. Now, there will be other considerations such as space for the kids, or the dogs, or the golf clubs, or the surf board that influences the type of car you consider. Then there are factors like colour and speed and fuel economy and reliability. But did you notice, there is no notion yet what kind of engine or brand or what garage is servicing the car.

And that’s what has changed in IT. The engines are becoming less important. IT is a commodity and there are dozens of garages that can help.

Most people who buy music from iTunes probably don’t know that the songs are in AAC format as long as they play where they want them to. That’s the service which counts.

Let your staff use any device they want and concentrate on providing access to company resources. In a secure and reliable manner from anywhere at any time. You will have happy customers.

Long live Information Services!


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