Shifting sand

On a beautiful Sunday morning, my wife and I were walking our dog Vanilla. We went onto the beach which is just a few minutes away from our house. On the last dune before the ocean I discovered the council put new sand fences up. I was surprised. I didn’t even know we needed new ones. During the last year the dunes seemed getting higher anyway. Why did they do it, I asked Susani.

Then, I realised, I was falling into the same trap I warn other people about. Unexpected change forced upon people triggers an emotional response first. There were likely sufficient rational reasons for the sand fence. None of those I could think of played high in my regard. Multiple other things I would have preferred the council spending our tax money on. But no, sand fences it was.

What could they have done better? Of course, a little article in the local press would’ve been good. A notice on the blackboard at the local shop. Maybe they put it on their website. But, who is going there without a need to?

Another lesson can be learnt here. Consider your audience, your customers. How do they interact with you? What do they expect from you? What are you delivering to satisfy their needs?

And while I was thinking about that, Susani said, “wow look at the sea, isn’t that beautiful?” Oh yes, life is a customer, too.


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